Here’s a tiny header-only C++ library that provides a class for executing lambdas with a frame delay in Unreal Engine. You can get it on Github. It’s experimental, so use at your own risk. ;D

I dug up the impressive C++ template witchery for converting lambdas to std::function from a Stackoverflow answer here.

FrameTimer lets you do stuff like this:

// This function will execute after 60 frames have elapsed, printing a debug message
FrameTimer.Create(60, []()
	GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 5.0f, FColor::Cyan, TEXT("60 frame delay!"));  

// This function will execute after 100 frames have elapsed,
// and will check to make sure that the captured pointers still point to valid UObjects
FrameTimer.Create(100, [=]()
	auto SafeThis = FrameTimer.MakeWeakPtr(this);
	auto SafeOtherObjectPtr = FrameTimer.MakeWeakPtr(OtherObjectPtr);

	if (SafeThis.IsValid() && SafeOtherObjectPtr.IsValid())
		// Do something with SafeThis and SafeOtherObjectPtr